Hello, I am Sue Walker. Let me briefly introduce myself.

I have taught thousands of children how to read. I’ve been an Educator for over 40 years and have taught in both public and private schools.

From that experience, I developed what I believe to be the world’s most simple and easy method for teaching beginning readers. I have used this same program in my own tutoring center for many, many years.

Teaching a child to read should be a fun and validating experience for a child. It should open new worlds to them and give them control over their environment, which is what we want for our children.

Reading is the skill that offers the ability to learn new things and improve conditions in one’s life. It is vital that all children learn how to read.

I have fully documented my teaching method in 25 video lessons with accompanying printed materials including a 135-page guidebook and 25 reading books.

Now I am offering it to parents, teachers, and others like you, in the hopes that we can decrease illiteracy in the world. All children deserve a fair chance to succeed.

I would love and appreciate your help in this mission!

Sue Walker
Founder, Little Tiger Reading Program

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If you have any questions, please email us right away: littletigerlearning@gmail.com